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released October 20, 2012

Credits go out to Korbinian Messerer for recording our stuff,
Hermann Utz for mixing and mastering,
Bernhard Bösl for creating the artwork,
Kathrin Holzer for creating our logo
and to all the other people out there
who support us in any possible way.


all rights reserved



Take This Town Cham, Germany

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Track Name: Within Our Reach
Our progress
Is still too far away;
for the hands of one;
Within reach for us;

Where law prohibits
Our unfold
Unrest is created;
Our time needs change
Which won't come through
empty promises

But our senses fail to react and we ignore every warning;
Our time runs out
To sit and just watch
Everything getting worse

Remember generations
After us
We're making it
impossible to live
Track Name: We Are The Pulse
Imagine a life after yours.
Does it really make sense?
We're searching for a sense of life
while we are blind to see
that we are the pulse to keep the world alive.
But still we live with this disdain of life.
Keep it alive
Track Name: Obliterating Nonsense Thoughts
Why should I waste my strength for higher aims,
when all my thoughts are simply
like the smoke blown away by the wind?
You will share the fate of death

Everyone talks piously about death, no one wants to think about the end.
It is all so hard to believe, too many offers and too many lies.
You will share my fate of death
Track Name: Burst
You won't learn to care if you never lose things you love

eyes like fire,
burning me
bury me alive
in a storm of ash.

You tear hearts apart
like razors cutting

You have control over my thoughts and body
So choose to take
my breath away
I would still spend
my last one to say
I need you

it hit me like a fist to the forehead
bursting into my life
lay your hand in mine
rest your head with me
we walk through our lives together

take it all
leave me nothing
bleed me out
Remember me
Track Name: Blinded
With eyes wide open we stare at the sun.
Within the longing for chaos and the life we have won.
The light that blinds us will take us down; strike us down.

The will to get out, still banned to stay.
Banned to stay with all the disease that spread along the bloody path your god lead.
We throw our lives away.

Focus on profanity.
Don't encumber yourself with the
heavenly hail you crave.

They owe you nothing.

Sleep through your life until the end,
Finally awaiting the day of salvation in this grave.

With eyes wide open we stare at the sun.

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